Our Process

At My Migration, we take the stress out of the migration process. Our personalised service ensures that clients are guided through each step with full knowledge, eligibility of particular visa types and documents required.

We also keep clients updated if any changes are made to immigration regulations that my affect their application.We use advanced tools to alert clients about various deadlines, send detailed questionnaires and checklists to enable us to lodge complete and valid applications.

More importantly, we believe in ethical and accurate advice about a client’s eligibility for migration.


Our process is our strength. My Migration team follows a set of procedures to ensure that your application is in safe hands and dealt with professionally.

We collect information from you in order to determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia. We do this through an online Questionnaire. This allows us to do preliminary research and offer a quick initial assessment to check your eligibility.

Certain assessments require lots of research and documentation checking and therefore requires a lot of time to be spent. If this is the case, we invite you for a Detailed Assessment, which is a paid service.

If you don’t qualify – We will give you a short description of reasons and provide you with alternatives to enhance your chances in the future.

If you qualify – We let you know that you qualify, send you a Fact Sheet with helpful information and a Fee Estimate. We also invite you to sign Agreement of Fees & Services which includes quote for our services, payment methods and what services are provided. We also send you Form 956 (Agent authorisation). Once you agree to proceed, we will continue to Step 2.

After signing agreement of fees & services, we:

  • Ask you to pay initial deposit to start the process
  • Provide you with Consumer Guide and Code of Conduct
  • Provide checklists and instructions specific to your application
  • Verify your documents and request further documents, if required
  • Assist you with police clearance certificates and health examinations (if requested)
  • Complete all application forms following our strict Quality Check process
  • Send you draft applications for a final review by you

After a draft application is reviewed and approved by you, we:

  • Lodge application on your behalf
  • Attach documents to the lodged application at the same time
  • Email you the application acknowledgement notification and payment receipts
  • Email you the Bridging Visa grant notification (if applicable)
  • Email you the list of documents (screenshot) attached to your application

After lodgement, we continue to monitor your application by:

  • Following up the progress of visa application
  • Maintaining communication with authorities
  • Requesting further documents, if required by authorities
  • Attend any queries that you may have in relation the lodged application


As soon as the application is decided, we will:

  • Notify you of the decision via email and a phone call
  • Email you the Invoice, Statement of Services as part of our compliance with Code of Conduct
  • Complete the “completion of services” documentation
  • Answer any questions that you may have in regard to the decision
  • Discuss further application options (if applicable)
  • Invite you to provide feedback on our services through reviews on Google, Facebook etc.