If you are looking for a world-class education in a safe, relaxed and multicultural society at an affordable cost, then Australia should be your number one choice!

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a system of ten national qualifications in 3 sectors:

  • Schools (Primary and Secondary)
  • Vocational and Technical Education (TAFE and private institutes),
  • Higher Education (mainly universities).

We give unbiased, comprehensive information to our students to help them choose the right course, the right institution and the right location for their individual professional and personal needs.

Our qualified agents have studied, lived and worked in Australia for many years. They have a very good understanding of Australian laws, culture and environment. We can prepare you for your new life here by providing accurate information.


Step 1 – Letter of Offer

You must apply and enroll at an Australian institute in your chosen field of study. If accepted, you will be provided with an offer letter. Institutes have some requirements, which must be met before they issue you a letter of offer.

Requirements include:

  • Minimum qualifications
  • English language proficiency
  • Relevant work experience (if applicable)
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement
  • Financial capability

Once an offer letter is issued, you will be asked to accept the offer and pay fees (including tuition fees, material fees and health cover fees) to the institute.

The Letter of Offer is a contract between you and the institution. It sets out the course you will be enrolled in, enrolment conditions, the fees you need to pay, and the refund payable if you don’t complete your course with that provider. This contract is very important – if you don’t start your course, or finish your course, this written agreement will be used to determine if you will receive a refund.


  • Read the Letter of Offer carefully before you accept it.
  • Make sure that you understand all your rights, including the refund arrangements.
  • Do not accept the Letter of Offer if you are not happy with any of its terms.
  • Keep a copy of the Letter of Offer. You will need this copy so that you are aware of your rights and if you have to make a claim against the institution.

To confirm your offer, you must respond to this letter by signing and sending an acceptance of offer back to the institution.

Step 2 – Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

After you have accepted your Offer and paid your deposit you will receive an ‘Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment’ (eCoE) by email. This will outline your course start date, total course fees and how long your course will run for.