Quick Enquiry

Steps involved in a typical visa application process are described below:

We collect information from you in order to determine your eligibility to migrate to Australia.

If you qualify – We invite you to sign Agreement of Fees & Services which includes quote for our services, payment methods and what services are provided. Once you agree to proceed, we will continue to Step 2.

If you don’t qualify – We will give you a short description of reasons and provide you with alternatives to enhance your chances in the future.

After signing Agreement of Fees & Services, we:

  • Ask you to sign the Authorisation Form
  • Provide you with IRMAP and Code of Conduct (if requested)
  • Provide checklists and instructions specific to your application
  • Verify your documents and request further documents, if required
  • Assist you with Police Clearance Certificates and Health examinations
  • Complete all application forms
  • Lodge applications on your behalf

After lodgement, we continue to monitor your application by:

  • Following up the progress of visa application
  • Maintaining communication with authorities
  • Requesting further documents, if required by authorities

As soon as the visa application is decided, we will:

  • Notify you of the decision via email and a phone call
  • Send you information to get the visa stamped
  • Invite you to discuss your visa conditions
  • Complete the "completion of services" documentation
  • Send you checklist to help you prepare for your trip and life in Australia