[UPDATE] – Claiming Points for Work Experience

DHA has recently made changes to the way work experience points will be claimed for some occupations. Work experience points are claimed for various GSM visas, like subclass 189, 190, 491 visas.

Work experience points for certain occupations (ICT occupations assessed by ACS or professional occupations assessed by VETASSESS) used to be based on the assessment of work experience by skills assessing authorities. These authorities would confirm a “deeming date” for the work experience, which was used to calculate work experience assessed for meeting assessment requirements. Any work experience after the “deeming date” would be used as the skilled work, therefore, eligible for points.

After this change, it will be possible to claim work experience points after obtaining the qualification or initial work experience (as determined by the ANZSCO).

DHA have now CHANGED this policy and instead will allow any work experience that takes place after obtaining the qualifications/work experience (as determined by ANZSCO) to count for points.

As per this policy, when assessing skilled employment period, following will be taken into account:

  • Opinion of the skills assessing authority (deeming date); and
  • ANZSCO requirement relating to qualifications and work experience requirement for the occupation
  • Any other information, such as, employment records and references


The most beneficial outcome will be applicable when awarding points for work experience. If the skills assessing authority’s opinion awards less points, then the department would consider ANZSCO information and apply the outcome awarding more points.


If an applicant has completed a degree in Advertising or Marketing, and has 12 months of Australian work experience after completing the degree, then VETASSESS would assess both the degree and work experience for skills assessment purpose and would deem the person skilled on or after 12 months of work experience. The application could not claim points for these 12 months of work experience even though ANZSCO only mentions Bachelor degree or higher qualification as the requirement.

Under new policy, the applicant could claim 5 points for 12 months of work experience in Australia.


An overseas IT graduate completes Bachelor of IT, has 4 years of work experience as a Business Analyst. Currently, ACS would use the first 2 years for skills assessment. Remaining 2 years will be useless because the applicant needs minimum 3 years to claim 5 points for overseas work experience. ANZSCO, on the other hand is silent on the work experience requirement and only requires a bachelor degree or higher qualification.

Under new policy, the applicant could claim 5 points for 3 years of overseas work experience


These changes should be welcomed with open arms as they will allow many applicants to claim extra points for work experience towards their GSM visas.

Please refer below the screenshot of the policy from LegendCom (professional library for immigration regulations).

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Screenshot from LegendCom
Read the policy from LegendCom, especially the last paragraph.
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