Studying in Australia and interested in extreme sports?

Sports that put participants at risk of serious injury, brings thrills to life and grow annually in popularity, AND IT IS A FACT!

So, with six exhilarating experiences, from jumping to extreme diving; feel your pulse racing MATE!

We’ve rounded up a few adrenaline-packed but accessible activities to tick off your bucket list and the most stunning destinations to try them while being in AUSTRALIA.



The gist: Forget hang-gliding and paragliding – there’s nothing like the rush of jumping from a plane at 15,000ft. Just about anyone can tandem skydive, however sky surfing, wingsuit surfing and BASE jumping are best left to pros.

Where to try it: To flirt with fear, choose an idyllic natural setting like Byron Bay, Australia or Skydiving Over the Beach OF St. Kilda Melbourne, Great Ocean Road Geelong, Wollongong in Sydney.

Pricing: From AUD 200 onwards!


The gist: As you glide out towards the edge, you must overcome your fear and take a step over the edge – one of the most challenging things many of us will ever do! You’ll be exhilarated as the wind whooshes past you and the ground hurries towards you, and after mere moments you will bounce back up again towards the tower – don’t worry the rebound is a lot gentler than it looks!

Where to try it: Cairns bungy is run by the man who started bungy back in NZ in 1987, AJ Hackett and if you want to bungee jump in Australia, this is the only site where you can do it.

Pricing:From AUD 99 onwards.


The gist: Rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which usually carries the surfer towards the shore — the bigger the wave, the better the ride.

Not many surfers will ride waves up to 50 feet in height! Staying on the surfboard is highly significant because a lousy Wipeout can get pretty ugly!

Where to try it:learn and surf pro in the beaches of Gold Coast and Sydney with a lot of exciting offers!

Pricing: Starting at AUD 50 ONLY.


The gist: The unparalleled exhilaration of V8 driving experience is sure to provide the hottest of hot laps on a track when you turn to Adrenaline. Life in the fast lane just assimilated a whole new level of speed.

Where to try it:The eastern creek in Sydney and Sandown Raceway in Melbourne are one of the most popular ones in Australia!

Pricing: From AUD 265 onwards.


The gist: First attempted on the Zambezi River below Victoria Falls in 1981, white water rafters navigate rapids graded from one to five (anything higher is considered un-raftable) in an inflatable boat! When you’re at 350 meters long with waves up to 2.5 meters high with a vertical drop of 8 meters, you will be on white water high!

Where to try it:Some of the world’s most scenic grade one to five rapids are found in the Lower Mitta River – Dartmouth, Victoria.

Pricing: From AUD 265 onwards.


The gist: You’re 100+ feet underwater and the only device keeping you alive is that tank of oxygen strapped to your back. Not to mention, all of the Coral creatures lurking below… pretty intense although a peaceful experience!

Where to try it: See spectacular coral gardens teeming with a vast array of marine life in the Outer Great Barrier Reef, Cairns.

Pricing: From AUD 195 onwards.


The gist: Plunging a sheer vertical drop with only a sturdy rope and harness keeping you from gravity’s grip.

Where to try it: Perfect abseiling experience can be had at The World’s Highest Abseil – Tasmania.

Pricing: From AUD 95 onwards.


The gist: We’re not talking about jumping from that big rock at your local swimming spot. We’re talking about big giant cliffs that are 10, 15, 20 meters tall. At those heights hitting the water feels like breaking through concrete; not much room for error here. Needless to say, the divers don’t wear any protective clothing, just a basic swimsuit.

Where to try it: Macquarie Pass Jump Rock, Tongarra at New South Wales, the Kimberly ranges in Western Australia.



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