How studying Social Work can lead to a successful career

Counselling, family therapy, assistance to social services and case management are some of the daily issues that SOCIAL WORKERS take care of, for their clients. It also includes public debates, advocacy, research projects and training programs. A social worker’s daily tasks depend on where he/she works.

The Australian Association of social workers (AASW) is the authorised organisation of social workers and is the appointing body for the profession of social work in Australia that governs the conduct of social workers and promotes the welfares of social workers.

If one has graduated from the AASW, he/she has the eligibility to acquire membership of AASW.

The AASW also is a member of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW).

If one holds a qualification from overseas and desires to pursue Social Work in Australia, he/she would require a membership at the AASW that can be achieved by only applying for an assessment which will then determine if he/she is eligible to be a member at the AASW

The way the assessment works is:

This assessment is undertaken individually by the AASW by comparing educational requirements using written materials.

Not all occupations in the social welfare field require eligibility for membership at the AASW.

Overseas Qualified social workers who may not be eligible for the membership at the AASW can always apply at other organisations such as the Australia Institute of Welfare and Community Workers (AIWCW)

The criteria for the assessment are as follows:

  • • An official body should recognise the qualification and regard as a professional social work qualification in the country of training
  • The qualification should be a specific qualification in social work.
  • The level of qualification should be a bachelor’s degree or higher in Australian terms.
  • The curriculum should correspond sufficiently in all significant areas to the AASW
  • The length of the qualification must be four years OR
  • If the qualification is 3 years or longer, evidence of at least a 3-year full time professional social work experience should be provided to compensate the shortfall of 1 year in the academic program.

Salary of a Social Worker

Social Workers are employed across several industries, including:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • Public Administration and Safety
  • Education and Training
  • Other Services.

There are lots of websites to help you find the perfect Social Work jobs.
Professional bodies and industry associations are also excellent sources of information for Social Workers.

According to trusted sources, an average salary for a social worker is $75,950 per year in Australia.

Interested in a career in Social Work? Contact our education counsellors to know more.

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